Meet Our Team




Sara is our awesome Logistics Manager. Sara is a full-time mommy of 7 kids (she has 5 man children here at work and 2 biological children at home). Sara has been with EGPS since April of 2015 (she was hired in March, but she was out for a few days with the flu). Sara pretty much lives here at EGPS, we can’t seem to get her to leave. When we asked her what she does for fun, she said “I don’t have fun…I’m a mom”. When Sara does go to her second home (the one where her biological family lives), she enjoys spending time with her husband and her two kids. Sara is “the man” to go to if you have any parts questions!





Product Specialist/ Triumph Champion

GK is one of our millennial sales guys who says things like “Woke” and “Fam”, but we let it slide because he’s an awesome salesperson – he’s been in the business for over 4 years! GK is kind of a nerd and always wears something that has to do with Batman or Flash. We’re convinced that the coolest thing about GK is his wife, GiGi; she has purchased not one, but TWO motorcycles for GK and sometimes she brings us food which means that his wife is the bomb! All joking aside, GK thinks riding is LIFE and enjoys riding around like a goofball. Also, if you break something, GK can probably fix it; he enjoys tinkering on anything from motorcycles to gadgets.  GK rides one of his motorcycles to work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and is the guy you want to talk to if you have questions about any of our bikes, especially if it’s a Triumph Street Triple!


Product Specialist/Zero Hero 

Jim is our go-to guy for Zero Motorcycles, our Zero Hero. We should just call Jim by Jack since he’s a Jack of all trades; Jim was in the AG business for about 26 years, does Exterior and interior design, and was nominated for ‘Who’s Who’s’ nine times! If you plan on getting married soon, Jim can not only get you a killer deal on your “Just Married” motorcycle, but he can also legally marry you (he’s an ordained minister). He come from a long line of Vaudeville performers so he’s also a great source of entertainment!


Product Specialist

Shane (better known as Squirrel) is one of our super awesome sales guys who is from Birmingham England. If you ask him how he’s doing, we can almost guarantee he will respond with “Still Short!”. If you’re looking for Squirrel, he is the really short one with the spikey hair. Shane is also an adrenaline junky who used to be into Freestyle Motocross and he also has some killer dance moves. Shane joined team EGPS last September and has been providing laughs and a good dose of odd the entire time. Shane’s previous experience as a business owner makes him our go-to guy when getting you the best deal possible!


Parts Counter Manager Guy

Tim is a Bay Area transplant that is also a Dallas Cowboys fan (we’re ashamed to admit that publicly, but Tim knows his stuff when it comes to parts, so we’ll let it slide). Tim is a full-time husband and a father to 6 awesome kids. Tim’s favorite hobby is rocking out in his car to Taylor Swift (he says that’s only when his kids are with him, but we know better). Aside from rocking out to T-Swift, Tim is also a proud owner of a sick Triumph Bobber and an amateur photographer, ask him to show you some of his work!  Tim has been a member of the EGPS team since 2016!

“If you can screw it or glue it to your Can-Am, Tim is your man!” – Tim Helton, Parts Counter Manager Guy


Parts to Service Dude

Joe is the newest addition to our parts team. Joe has been a part of the EGPS team for about 2 minutes, but he fits right in and we’ve accepted him as one of our own. Joe has a passion for the business of fast and loud and is a great addition to the team. Although he may seem serious and tough since he served 4 years in the Marine Corps, Joe is a jokester and you can usually hear him laughing from across the showroom. Feel free to come in and give Joe a hard time about the massive dent on his Ninja.